Privacy regulation Draaisma Schildersbedrijf

In order to be able to execute our services, we cannot avoid (personal) data processing. Of course, we use this (personal) data confidentially.On the basis of the law, we must inform on which personal data (hereinafter: “Data”) we process and why we do so. We do this in this privacy regulation.

We process data from customers, suppliers and website visitors.

Data type We process names and e-mail addresses. Also, cookies and IP addresses of website visitors will be processed.

Our goal
We process your Data for the following reasons:
to be able to reach you when necessary;
to improve our website (IP address);
to meet any legal obligations

Provision to third parties: We do not provide Data to third parties unless it is necessary for the execution of the agreement we have with you. We use an administration system that is hosted by a third party. With the provider of this Vimexx we have made clear agreements about the processing of your Data, in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and guidelines.

Retention period: We do not store your Data longer than is necessary for (i) the processing of the purposes described above or (ii) the meeting of a legal obligation.

Security: We will, of course, handle your Data carefully and confidentially. Only authorized persons have access to your Data. Also, our administration system is protected according to the prevailing security standards.

Your rights: If you have any questions and/or suggestions about the processing of your Data or want to change/supplement it, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to We do our best to respond within 2 weeks of receiving your e-mail. Naturally, we also treat the Data provided by you in this regard with due care.

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Disclaimer Draaisma Schildersbedrijf
You can of course reach us via email. By sending us confidential information without encryption via e-mail, you accept the risk that this information becomes known to third parties.

No liability
Draaisma Schildersbedrijf is not liable for damage or costs, of whatever kind, which arises from the use of the (information on) the website.
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